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What Causes Rubbery Chicken?

IS RUBBERY CHICKEN OVER OR UNDERCOOKED? One of the leading causes of rubbery chicken is overcooking the meat. 

LACK OF MOISTURE Dry chicken happens when we overcook it, but chicken can also dry out on its own. It’s very lean meat, and that lack of fat causes it to dry out quickly.

WOODY CHICKEN BREAST This is a condition where the muscle fibers are tight and knotted. The disease affects 5-10% of chickens in the United States.

WHITE STRIPING  White striping, a meat quality issue, degrades chicken’s taste and nutritional value, resulting in less tender meat, which doesn’t absorb marinade easily, and contains more fat.

IS RUBBERY CHICKEN SAFE TO EAT? Yes! Rubbery chicken is perfectly safe to eat. It will just have an unpleasant texture and less flavor.